Everything you need to begin cultivating the world's highest quality home-grown, organic Cannabis. 

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"It's the best Cannabis i've ever tried... Ryan has helped us in so many different ways with how to smoke it, how to understand it, and if you guys are interested in growing it, I recommend taking a peek at his programs because he is definitely a Marijuana Master."

- Tim Welch

-Host of the Red Hawk Podcast
-Co-Host of the Timbo Sugar Show
-Owner of TW BJJ MMA


Includes a 17 week course guiding you through every step of the process for growing your own high quality Cannabis at home.

If you want to deepen your relationship with cannabis and source the highest quality but aren’t sure where to start….
Cultivating your own can be a perfect solution.
With practice and guidance you can grow your own inexpensive, renewable supply of high-quality cannabis in your own home!

A straightforward process for cultivation. 

I’ve taken my 10+ years of experience as a grower and created this course so that anyone, regardless of prior experience, will be able to cultivate their own high quality medicine. 

You don’t have to be an expert in cannabis or soil science or sift through dozens of websites to figure this out on your own.  This course will guide you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish.

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What you get in

  • How to select the proper genetics for your particular taste & available growing space

  • The pros & cons of seeds versus clones & how to plant them

  • The pros & cons of regular versus feminized seeds versus autoflowering seeds

  • The pros & cons of indoor versus outdoor growing

  • The proper materials to purchase for indoor or outdoor growing

  • How to make the perfect soil mix & recommendations of pre-built super soils if you would rather not make your own

  • The perfect integrated pest management routine to ensure your crop is protected from pests & molds/mildews

  • How to foliar feed your plants & the benefits of foliar feeding

  • How to train your plants to fit your growing space & maximize yield

  • How to use Korean Natural Farming to enhance your grow

  • How to use Biogeometry in your garden to increase the final quality of your Cannabis

  • How to harvest, dry & cure your Cannabis to perfection

  • A Complete purchase list for exactly everything you need to get started

  • Weekly energy practices to ensure you are showing up to your cultivation space in a good mood

  • Weekly wisdom & contemplation practices designed to help you maximize the ability of your medicine to allow you to grow with Cannabis

  • A weekly tracker to keep track of all of your progress

  • & the ability to join a community where you can meet like minded individuals on the same journey as you, have your questions answered & ensure you are set up for success

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Why doesn't the course include seeds or clones?


Highly Optimized does not encourage or condone the cultivation of Cannabis where it is against the law.  Seeds or clones of your choosing can be purchased separately.

The choice of species is 100% up to you! 

We can recommend trusted vendors who supply high quality seeds or starts and we can support you in deciding which ones could be best suited for your intention. 

You will see recommendations for high quality suppliers in the course materials. 

Cultivate YOURSELF through a personal relationship with your plants.

One of the hidden benefits of cultivating your own Cannabis is the relationship you develop with your plants.

In this course you will receive weekly energy and contemplation practices that will have two major benefits:

The energy you bring to your garden will infuse your plants with your own unique energy and this relationship will not only enhance the quality of your harvest it will also ground you with a daily practice for checking in with yourself.

This relationship adds a new dimension, a new layer of meaning to your Cannabis experience.
For more background on the way our energy and the energy of plants interact check out the videos below:

An Economical Way to Enjoy High Quality Cannabis

Purchasing quality cannabis can be expensive.
A single gram of top-tier cannabis at the dispensary can cost $10+ per gram. Growing your own can save you upwards of 50%-70%.
With Grow with Cannabis you will be able to grow your own medicine without:

Purchasing overpriced, inferior Cannabis from dispensaries

Worrying about whether or not your dispensary is going to have the medicine you enjoy

Wasting time & money driving to dispensaries & waiting in long lines

All you need to do is start growing!
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