The Conscious Cannabis Collective 

Discover everything you need to Cultivate a conscious relationship with cannabis for deeper connection, self awareness, and change in your life


The Industry's Most Thorough Experience For Working with Cannabis as a plant medicine, aid, and ally in your life… Taught By The Leader of the Conscious Cannabis Movement

If you want to deepen your relationship with cannabis, unlock the psychedelic nature of this plant, and integrate your experiences to enrich your life but aren’t sure where to start — The Conscious Cannabis Collective is the perfect solution.

Cannabis is becoming more and more common in our society and so many people are tuning in to the importance and benefits of conscious interactions with this medicine.
But the problem is there is no user-manual for how people can best interact with this powerful plant!
Our mission is to spread awareness around Conscious Cannabis so that people can tune in for healing and growth rather than falling into the typical patterns of numbing out and over-use.  
In many cases, frequent cannabis use can actually be draining, unsettling, or even disruptive in your life.

Exploring Cannabis and psychedelic experiences in this way can often create more confusion than clarity and people begin asking questions like:

What specific strains should I interact with?

Where can I find high quality sources?

How often should I be connecting with Cannabis?

How do I connect through a relationship with Cannabis instead of tuning out with cannabis?

Do I need experience growing plants?

What is integration supposed to look like?

How can Cannabis be psychedelic? How do I tap into that?

How do I deal with anxiety, paranoia or challenging experiences?

What is the “Higher Self?” What am I looking for here? How does this benefit my life?

Is it just me? Or do other people look at Cannabis in this way?

This is why we’ve created a powerful community, led with professional guidance to bring growth-minded individuals together to tap into the many benefits Cannabis has to offer in the safest and most beneficial way possible.

Unlocking and Integrating the Psychedelic Nature of Cannabis


So many people are tuning in and realizing the importance of self-knowledge, deeper awareness, and transformation both on the personal level and the societal level. 

Cannabis is an ally that has been right in front of us all along and it can be a tool to help facilitate a more intentional approach to life.  

We all have stubborn patterns, programs, and limiting beliefs that can keep us stuck in repeating loops.  These patterns may show up as disconnection, low-energy, lack of enthusiasm for life, or a feeling like there is something we just aren’t tapping into.  

By interacting with Cannabis consciously you can take your power back and connect with this plant in a whole new way.  

We view a relationship with Cannabis as a practice to be developed with time and intention.  What most people miss is that Cannabis is not a magic wand meant to magically cure us.  What we bring to the experience is of the utmost importance.  

Working with Cannabis intentionally is a journey that will reveal new and hidden aspects of yourself and your experience of life.  By exploring this process through intentional practice you can develop a new approach to knowing yourself.

That is what the Conscious Cannabis Collective is all about.  Our goal is to empower you through mentorship, resources, and community support so that you have everything you need to continue to develop on your path of self-discovery. 

The CONNECT WITH CANNABIS experience within the Collective Teaches You:

  • The ability to join a community where you can meet like minded individuals on the same journey as you, have your questions answered & ensure you are set up for success.
  • How to select the strains and methods of ingestion that align with your goals.
  • How to set intentions with Cannabis to deeply tune in to a conscious experience.
  • The perfect methods and modalities for dropping in to a powerful Cannabis experience.
  • A diverse toolkit of skills to match exactly what you are trying to achieve for personal exploration and growth.
  • How to navigate, release, and relax into your ceremonies for profound experiences and insights.
  • How to track your experiences to develop emotional and situational awareness around your ceremonies and frequency of use.
  • How to take breaks, let go of unconscious use, and create your perfect rhythm.
  • An integration process to take your peak experiences with cannabis and translate them into meaningful change and awareness in your life.
  • The physiological science of interacting with Cannabis.
  • The history of Cannabis to build a powerful and balance context for working with the plant.
  • How to relate, communicate, and connect with others regarding the Cannabis experience.
  • How to work with Cannabis intentionally to create meaningful shifts in your life.
  • And you’ll get to share all of this on Weekly calls in a community where you can meet like minded individuals on the same journey as you, share your experiences, have your questions answered & ensure you are set up for success.

… and much more

Elevate Your Experience With Cannabis Using “The Highly Optimized Way”

*as featured on The Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Essential reading for anyone hungry for a taste of what a conscious relationship with cannabis can do for them in their individual experience of life

Cannabis Cultivation Made Simple & Straightforward

I’ve taken my 12+ years of experience as a grower and created this course so that anyone, regardless of prior experience, will be able to cultivate their own high quality medicine
You don’t have to be an expert in cannabis or soil science or sift through dozens of websites to figure this out on your own.  
This course will guide you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish over 17 weeks … leaving you with a high-quality, organic source of cannabis and the knowledge to keep your supply stocked for the rest of your life

Grow With Cannabis Teaches You:

The Pro’s & Cons

  • Of seeds versus clones & how to plant them
  • Of regular versus feminized seeds versus autoflowering seeds
  • Of indoor versus outdoor growing

How Tos

  • Select the proper genetics for your particular taste & available growing space
  • Make the perfect soil mix & recommendations of pre-built super soils if you would rather not make your own
  • Foliar feed your plants & the benefits of foliar feeding
  • Train your plants to fit your growing space & maximize yield
  • Use Korean Natural Farming to enhance your grow
  • Use Biogeometry in your garden to increase the final quality of your Cannabis
  • The proper materials to purchase for indoor or outdoor growing
  • The perfect integrated pest management routine to ensure your crop is protected from pests & molds/mildews
  • A Complete purchase list for exactly everything you need to get started
  • Weekly energy practices to ensure you are showing up to your cultivation space in a good mood
  • Weekly wisdom & contemplation practices designed to help you maximize the ability of your medicine to allow you to grow with Cannabis
  • A weekly tracker to keep track of all of your progress
  • The ability to join a community where you can meet like minded individuals on the same journey as you, have your questions answered & ensure you are set up for success

… and much more


A Richer, Deeper Experience & Relationship with your Plants and Their Medicine

One of the hidden benefits of cultivating your own Cannabis is that you also cultivate yourself through the relationship you develop with your plants.
This is what sets Grow With Cannabis apart — during the course you will receive weekly energy and contemplation practices that will immediately create two major benefits in your life:

The quality of your harvest will be exponentially enhanced thanks to the potent energy you bring to it

Your stability and feeling of certainty in life will be enhanced thanks to daily grounding and check-in practices

This heightened relationship with the plant adds a new dimension and layer of meaning to your Cannabis experience.
For more background on the way our energy and the energy of plants interact check out the videos below:

A Complete Certification Path for Working with Cannabis as A




Cannabis, psychedelics, and awareness-expanding modalities are a growing phenomenon in our culture as people tune in to the importance of healing, self-knowledge, and gaining new perspectives in life.

But as we say often, no one left us a user-manual for navigating this experience!  As more and more people connect with the potential of Cannabis and psychedelics medicines, guidance and integrity are essential.

While we believe in the huge potentials of Cannabis, psychedelics, and personal growth, we know that Cannabis is not for everyone and guiding others is a significant responsibility.

We want to make sure that we can provide our community with the highest caliber coaches who understand the full context and responsibility of working with the plant in this way.

That’s why we have developed the Coaching With Cannabis certification program.

For those who participate in the collective, complete our foundational training programs, and have a desire to progress as a guide and mentor for others, we offer a complete certification program for you to safely and confidently support others on their journey with knowledge, skills, and integrity

The COACH WITH CANNABIS experience within the Collective Teaches You:

  • The context, responsibility and bigger picture of working with Cannabis.
  • The process for sharing conscious cannabis with friends, family and/or clients.
  • Setting up your services and systems for working with clients
  • How to screen potential clients to set people up for success.
  • How to establish best practices and harm reduction strategies.
  • How to navigate the legal elements of working with cannabis.
  • A process for setting up an online community for gathering people who would love to work with you.
  • A new approach for writing, speaking, and presenting about cannabis.
  • Hosting Cannabis Ceremonies as an experience during retreats.
  • Dosing and the difference between psychedelic and psycholytic experiences.
  • How to support others through exploring and reducing their frequency of use.
  • A system for helping others integrate their experiences with cannabis.
  • How to support people with sourcing the highest quality medicine.
  • How to develop your skills with a conscious cannabis toolkit you can share with clients.
  • The process of working with others through peer to peer and guided facilitation practice.
  • How to develop a trauma informed approach and an understanding of the depth and challenges that are possible when working with the medicine.
  • Exploring consciousness and Cannabis with your clients.
  • With support in the form of 12 months of mentorship, weekly group calls, and community support.

… and much more

The Conscious Cannabis Collective

Cultivate a conscious relationship with cannabis.

Grow the highest quality medicine at home.

Develop your skill to share this perspective with friends, family, and clients.

Take this journey in a professional and supportive community of growth-minded individuals.