Create a healthy, empowered relationship with Cannabis and learn to work with  the  ceremonial, psychedelic, and healing nature of the plant.


Cultivate a process to recognize and dissolve unconscious wounds. 


Understand what it means to fully tap into your potential and unlock a new level of embodied purpose.  


Be surrounded by the world’s best people (the people in this community are world-class) and immerse yourself into a warm, supportive culture where evolution and exploration is the norm.

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Unlocking and Integrating the Psychedelic Nature of Cannabis


Most people treat Cannabis like coffee, alcohol, or other more mundane substances and expect Cannabis to be something that helps them sleep, chill out, or have more fun. 

But they are missing the deep truth that Cannabis is actually a plant medicine, a teacher, and can be an ally to unlocking so much in our lives. 

The problem is most people who interact with this plant end up in a cycle of tuning out and numbing out and LIMITING the potential that is available. 

With the right approach, Cannabis is a medicine that can help us shift from tuning out to tuning IN to the passion, purpose, and potential that we all have within us. 

¬†And even for people who begin to realize that Cannabis is a potent medicine, they too can get caught up in a pattern of thinking that the plant will ‚Äúdo the work for them.‚Ä̬† And they become frustrated when Cannabis or other¬†plant medicines don‚Äôt magically transform their lives.¬†¬†

The magic of Cannabis is that it can help us tune into our imagination, our ability to see from new perspectives, and it can help lower the rigid programs that are keeping us stuck.  

And still, many people are missing the key component of the INNER WORK of addressing unconscious wounds, creating a new vision, and integrating insights by actually taking what we learn and putting it into practice. 

Its about finding the feminine and masculine balance of diving into your internal world to cultivate deeper awareness, understanding, and intuition, and then showing up to create the life you are ready for.  

Our community is here to empower you in working with Cannabis AND actively shifting your perspectives to evolve and expand into the new version of life you are ready for.  

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Hi! I'm Ryan Sprague

As a Conscious Cannabis Coach I help seekers and cannabis enthusiasts cultivate an uplifting relationship with Cannabis  through our process "The Highly Optimized Way" and through participation in our world-wide community The Conscious Cannabis Collective!

I teach you how to tune in with Cannabis rather than tuning out so that you can dissolve the unconscious blocks and patterns that are dictating your reality in order to create the health, relationships, and life you are ready for.  

Specifically, I love helping people on their path through three key areas:

  1. Building a healthy relationship with Cannabis by addressing your triggers, patterns, and developing a new approach to working with this plant.  
  2. Learning a ceremonial approach to Cannabis to move out of an unconscious or passive relationship and into an intentional approach that allows you to work with a Cannabis toolkit.  
  3. Utilizing evidence-backed psychological practices and time-tested ancestral wisdom to accomplish the internal work necessary to reshape your life

What you get inside

My goal is to deliver you exponentially more value than what you are paying for.  I am committed to created the best Cannabis and online membership in the world - content, experiences, and a group of people that will ACTUALLY change your life.  

Read below to see everything included in your membership. 

  • Access to live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

- We meet every Sunday at 11:00am  EST for 60-90 minutes.

- I help you move through the course materials, dissolve unconscious blocks, solve problems, and move forward toward your goals. 

-You get to experience the process in real-time and get to learn and grow from other peoples' experiences and transformations. 

-These sessions are the types of experiences and conversations we wish we were having all the time.  They are amazing and impactful for everyone involved. 

-You get access to all call recordings. 

  • Access to a members-only community platform and chat forums.

-The chat is active and people are speaking daily. 

- People participate daily to explore the course materials, share their progress, ask questions, and problem-solve together. 

- This is a community of people who are exploring similar things as you, they have similar goals, and we maintain an culture that is incredibly supportive. 


  • Full access to our comprehensive cannabis and self-expansion programming as well as bonus content and mini-courses including...


"Take Your Power Back" 

-Build a healthy relationship with Cannabis 

-Reduce unconscious interactions with Cannabis 

-Learn about your triggers and coping patterns 

-Balance the masculine feminine relationship between you and the plant 

-Learn how to use Cannabis Consciously and manage your frequency with the plant 

-Learn strategies for nervous system regulation to break patterns of dependency which will ultimately open you up to more self awareness and agency in your life.


 "Unlock Your Creative Potential"

-Learn how to hold a Cannabis ceremony at home to unlock the healing and psychedelic nature of the plant. 

-Learn how to sue the power of intention and attention with Cannabis to direct your experiences. 

-Learn different modalities for self connection and exploration with Cannabis to tap into presence, imagination and expansion.  

-Learn how to listen and integrate with Cannabis as a teacher and guide. 


"Become Unstoppable"

-Engage in the deep internal work to address, understand, and dissolve unconscious wounds. 

-Fully tap into your potential and cultivate your purpose

-Step into creator mode and build a roadmap for the next chapter of your life. 


  • BONUSES!¬†

- Monthly World-Class Guest Presenter Webinars

-Our entire library of recordings from past Master Classes. 

-FREE ACCESS To Monthly Breathe With Cannabis Workshops (Normally $55/event) 

-A free 1:1 with Ryan Sprague for any members who select the Pay in Full option for membership. (Normally $399)


A world-class, 17-week, step-by-step program to help you with everything you need to grow the highest quality, organic cannabis at home. 

What Members Say

Here’s what some people have said about their experience. As soon as you enter the community, you will feel that the vibe is different. That’s because this work is actually changing people’s lives.


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We've packed so much into our Conscious Cannabis Collective because we stand behind helping you deepen your relationship with Cannabis and your SELF.

To make it a no-brainer deal, we're giving you a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase.

Join the community, check out the courses, watch the videos, check out the bonuses, and if you don’t love it in the first two weeks of your purchase, send us an email and we’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

The Conscious Cannabis Collective

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Build a healthy relationship with Cannabis. 


Tune in to the healing and psychedelic nature of the plant.


Dissolve unconscious wounds and blocks in your life. 


Unlock your imagination, creativity, and ability to joyfully navigate life. 


Fully tap into your potential and reconnect with your purpose. 


Be surrounded by the world's best people. 

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