The Conscious Cannabis Collective 

Stop tuning out and starting tuning in with Cannabis!


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Cultivate a healthy relationship with Cannabis


Unlock the psychedelic nature of the plant


Highly optimize your process of self-exploration and growth.


The Conscious Cannabis Collective is a self-paced, group oriented membership where we are unlocking the psychedelic nature of cannabis and tapping into the truly healing and expansive nature of the plant.  

By optimizing your relationship with Cannabis and with yourself through structure, connection, and supportive accountability within our community, we help you tune in to living your Highly Optimized Life.


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The Industry's Most Thorough Experience For Working with Cannabis as a plant medicine, aid, and ally in your life… Taught By The Leader of the Conscious Cannabis Movement

Hi! I'm Ryan Sprague

As a Conscious Cannabis Coach I help seekers and cannabis enthusiasts cultivate an uplifting relationship with Cannabis  through our process "The Highly Optimized Way" as well as participation in our world-wide community The Conscious Cannabis Collective!

I teach you how to tune in with Cannabis rather than tuning out so that you can be supported in growing, learning about your self, a living a highly-optimized life! 

Specifically, I love helping people on their path through three key areas:

  1. Connecting with Cannabis and yourself to a higher degree
  2. Cultivating the highest quality medicine at home so you always have a healthy, safe source.
  3. For those called to move more deeply into working with this plant, I guide people in becoming a certified Cannabis Coach so that you can confidently facilitate ceremonies, support others in finding balance with this plant, and support others in integrating their experience with Cannabis as a psychedelic medicine. 

I'm excited you're here!

Ryan Sprague


The Conscious Cannabis Collective is designed for people who are ready to take ownership of their energy, awareness, and SELF to show up in a whole new way.  


We are a community of like-minded leaders, seekers, and people who have felt the healing power of cannabis and want to unlock change with Cannabis as a psychedelic aid and ally. 



We've witnessed the tranformations, renewed energy, and the connection that comes from being fully intentional in your relationship with Cannabis and in your life and we invite you to connect with us to learn more.

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Your Journey to Empowerment and Deep Connection

Cultivate a conscious relationship with cannabis.


Grow the highest quality medicine at home.


Develop your skill to share this perspective with friends, family, and clients.


Take this journey in a professional and supportive community of growth-minded individuals.