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Become An Industry Leading Cannabis Coach In 90 Days

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Connect With Cannabis was created by World-Class Cannabis Cultivator & Facilitator, Ryan Sprague, to provide seekers and coaches with the knowledge, skills, and tools to use Cannabis to heal and enrich their lives and the lives of others.

From learning the foundational knowledge required to understand the flower, to knowing exactly how to create ceremonies, set intentions, and guide yourself and others to connect with cannabis and themselves so they get exactly what they need, Connect With Cannabis is the Industry leading Course for a reason

Here’s why…

Inside 12 Weeks You Will:

Understand the science behind cannabis
and its influence on the body, mind, and soul
Have confidence with all the practices
to consciously connect with cannabis
Be able to create intentions and ceremonies
for yourself, your community, and your clients
Know exactly how to integrate cannabis
into a coaching practice, both 1:1 and small group
Have Lifetime Access to 10 World-Class Modules
that you can work through at your own pace so you can effectively use cannabis as the powerful tool it is
Receive 1:1 Strategy Calls
so you get the most expansive support you can when you need it
Access LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls
to provide a deeper layer of coaching, support, and guidance on your journey
Access The Alumni Network
and Be A Certified Cannabis Coach

Interested in deepening your understanding & relationship with cannabis to have it serve your greater good?

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Ryan Sprague

As a coach, cultivator and teacher, Ryan is a world class Cannabis expert. Through working in the professional industry and coaching his clients on how to connect with Cannabis, he has actively engaged with thousands of people around the world.

For over 10 years, Ryan has been helping people learn about plant medicines & integrate their experiences with them, creating spiritual, mental and physical breakthroughs in their lives.

He is the host of the Highly Optimized podcast, where he showcases conscious leaders living life on their own terms and the This One Time On Psychedelics podcast, which gives its listeners true first hand accounts of the experiences, benefits, risks & transformations taking place within the ever expanding world of plant medicines.

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