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With cannabis gaining traction in our modern world, Highly Optimized is poised to shift the perspective on cannabis.
Despite the purported benefits of cannabis, people who otherwise enjoy plant medicines turn away from cannabis because they do not understand the language of cannabis. Feelings of anxiety and paranoia are familiar with cannabis use merely because they have not combined the science and ceremony of this beautiful plant.
As a cultivator and teacher, Ryan is a world-class cannabis expert.Through cannabis, he has been able to engage with thousands of people worldwide, teaching them the language of cannabis. Through medicinal experiences and ceremonies, Ryan has used cannabis to create spiritual, mental, and physical breakthroughs in hundreds of people.
For the last decade, Alex has led coaching businesses and led coaches to success in multiple modalities. Alex began his coaching career as the owner/CEO of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy where he led a team administrators, coaches, and hundreds of students of all ages and skill levels. He has also guided clients as a certified yoga instructor, movement instructor, and holistic lifestyle coach for men. Through these many years of experience, Alex has become a world-class expert in supporting coaches of all levels to develop their authentic coaching offers and powerful systems that build their businesses and the life they envision.
Ryan and Alex have created the state-of-the-art Connect with Cannabis Course as pedagogy for incorporating cannabis into coaching modalities. Together they are leading the conscious cannabis revolution and helping others become leaders!
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The world has long since forgotten the consciousness-expanding qualities of Cannabis.

Cannabis is more popular and available than ever. But, there are no guides on how to properly implement its use to improve our lives, conquer our fears, and crush our goals...
You can be one of the first leaders of the conscious Cannabis revolution and empower your clients to turn their breakdowns into breakthroughs with this unique skill set!
The world needs you. Your clients need you.
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